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Bran, not for horses
Bran, not for horses

New is change and change is new
Change - It's in your Future

The things that changed today signal a "time for reflection." Look back and learn.

dinner and show at Medieval Times in Dallas
Medieval Times & Dinner Theatre

From the moment you walk through the castle doors, you are swept into the renaissance of medieval times.

Maria Delavan
Horse and Soul Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosphy

Maria combines her love for God and horses into a ministry.

4 things to do training your horse

Do Four Things to Make Your Horse a Winner

It's amazing how simple it is to win with show horses or race horses.

Texas country singer Cody Johnson will open the rodeo next year.
San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo adds country acts to 2020 entertainment lineup

Texas country singer Cody Johnson will open the rodeo next year, ZZ Top, Dierks Bentley added to 2020 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo lineup

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo
San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Committees for 2020

The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is proud to announce their volunteer leadership for 2019-2020! They are looking forward to a great year and Rodeo, February 6-23, 2020.

Debbie Metzger, Trail Ride Chairperson
Ride Together For A Cure

Everybody has a story; from bedtime, rags to riches, tragedy, and fairytale. Mine is Cancer.

Storing Horse Feed
Storing Horse Feed

Horse owners are discovering a trip to the feed store requires an armed guard.

Summer Sores
Summer Sores

Summer sores are caused by the abnormal depositing of the Habronema or Draschia stomach worm larvae (immature worms) into a skin abrasion

Natural Defenders.
Natural Defender.

Antioxidants... They are the Special Forces
within your horse's body.

Craig and Cole Cameron competing at Road to the Horse.
The Camerons take on Road to the Horse.

Horseman and clinician Craig Cameron had the honor of announcing his son, Cole Cameron, as a Road to the Horse 2020 Wild Card competitor during Road to the Horse 2019.

bargain saddles
Bargain Saddle?

Did you pay too much for your saddle? Or did you get a bargain?

CBD oil-is now banned by the Association of Racing Commissioners International
New Regulations Prohibit CBD Oil
For Use In APHA Competitions

Cannabidiol-commonly known as CBD oil-is now classified as a Class 2 drug by the Association of Racing Commissioners International.
As such, it is considered a forbidden substance

Roundworms - a young horse's nemesis

Controlling roundworms (Parascaris spp./ascarids) has been an on-going challenge for horse breeders.

Stress and horses
Good Stress verses Bad Stress

There's virtually something for everyone in the world of horses --barrel racing to dressage, halter to jumping, working cow horse to driving, gaited to trail-in-hand, back-country packing to downtown parades. To each his own!

2019 San Antonio Stock Show Champions
2019 San Antonio Stock Show Champions

SAN ANTONIO - February 11-12, the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo held its annual barrel race, hosting many competitors from all over the world. Two $10,000 scholarship were awarded to the two youth exhibitors with the fastest average times from both days of the barrel and pole bending races.