Meadow Haven Horse Rescue and Sanctuary

Billy Joe Hoof
Located south of the tiny town of Smiley, a Texas horse rescue has been doing its level best to keep operating, business as usual, as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on around it. In a world of uncertainty, one thing remains unchanged, the residents of Meadow Haven Horse Rescue continue to need care, sanctuary, and love. It is something that Darla Cherry, President of Meadow Haven, knows all too well. The reality of rescue is that fundraising and community support are crucial and with everything going on in the world, Darla hopes that she can continue to help the animals she so loves.

Meadow Haven Horse Rescue is full of amazing stories, complete with dramatic ups and downs, heartbreaks, struggles and the sweetest of victories. Since she took over the rescue in July 2008, Darla has done everything in her power to help horses and a vast array of other animals so they never again have to face the terrible realities they have had the misfortune of knowing before coming through her gates.

MHHR works with law enforcement with many counties in Texas and has taken in numerous horses from all over the state. One such horse came to Meadow Haven as an estray from Bastrop County and his is a special story. Billy Joe is a sweet 15-year-old bay gelding who could hardly walk as they unloaded him from the trailer. An old injury to his leg and hoof had been neglected and although his body was doing its best to heal, it had developed into a very serious situation.

Meadow Haven Billy Joe Hoof

Sores had festered on his hip bones from his need to lay down frequently and he was underweight, but he had the brightest eyes and the kindest demeanor. Even though in pain, he was always eager to please and seemed to know he was being helped. His outlook was a major factor in his recovery process as you could see his will to recover and live. After many months and an array of surgeries, hoof resections, specialty shoes, and intensive care, Billy Joe is well on his way to being fully recovered and the progress he's made is tremendous. Meadow Haven, with the help of compassionate individuals and their support, have made that possible.

Now as much as ever, Meadow Haven needs support and knowledgeable foster homes. If you're looking to add a member to your family, reach out and let us know what you're looking for, we have several terrific horses that are ready to be adopted.

Thank you for this opportunity to let everyone know about Meadow Haven Horse Rescue and Sanctuary and the work we do. Please donate and help us help them.

Donations can be sent to or mail it to 755 County Road 212 Smiley, TX 78159

Billy Joe mended hoof