Maria Delavan and Horse and Soul
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Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosphy

Maria Delavan

Maria combines her love for God and horses into a ministry.

Maria Delavan started riding when she was about 7 years old after watching the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. Her sister had been an avid gymnast and after hearing her sister declare she would compete in the Olympics in gymnastics someday, Maria said quite decidedly, "And I will compete in the horses!" That is how it all started. The next month she started taking riding lessons with a Quarter Horse trainer in Oakdale, California. A few short years later, she joined Pony Club and began competing in eventing and hunter/jumpers. Horses were always a grand passion for Maria. She would pretend to be sick so instead of going to school, she could do barn chores just to hang out with her horses. They were a safe place, they were a refuge, and they helped Maria through the tumultuous and angsty teenage years. She recalls learning a lot about life from her horses, from relationships to personal growth.

Maria hanging out with her horses
Maria hanging out with her horses

After becoming a Christian around age 17, Maria felt called to give up her horses for a season so that God could become what her horses were to her. After a few years pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies from Vanguard University of Southern California, horses returned to her life and she immediately knew that she was supposed to combine her loves for people, God, and horses into a ministry. She remembers driving from her dorm to an equestrian facility, stepping out of her little red car and taking a deep breath in of horse smell. Everything seemed to come in focus again.

Maria with horse

After she and her husband moved to Texas and she gave birth to her first daughter, Colette, Horse and Soul officially relaunched as a nonprofit and began offering Faith-Based Equine Assisted Philosophy.

Maria learned of FBEAP, and it was everything she had been looking for! FBEAP is based on the Bible and natural wild herd behavior. It employs intentional interaction with horses that help expose lies we believe and unhealthy thought patterns and immediately replaces them with healthy thought patterns all while having a ton of fun! FBEAP starts from a place of joy so that healing comes quickly and gently.

Elaine Davis of Unbridled Faith, the founder of FBEAP, became an important influence and mentor in Maria's life, eventually leading her to contribute to a certification guide, and build an online school of ministry called Unbridled Bible College. Unbridled Bible College will be a place for those wanting to pursue a career in FBEAP ministry. If you would like more information about Unbridled Bible College, look them up on Facebook for a Live Facebook Session on Tuesday, January 2, 2020, from 6:30 pm until 8 pm CT.

If you come for a session, expect to have fun, interact with the horses and feel hope being restored.

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