Tack Talk with Lew Pewterbaugh

Discussing the care and use of Tack
Tack Talk with Lew Pewterbaugh

Lew has been selling, restoring, and repairing tack for over 48 years.
You can visit Lew at Saddler Lew's, 13611 Hwy. 16, in Medina, Texas.
You can visit Saddler Lew's on Facebook or call (830) 328-0321.

English Saddle
Sizing Saddles

People come into the shop every week asking what size saddle they need. My first question is "What kind of saddle do you want?"
Stirrups can be irritating and sometimes dagerous

One of the most irritating, and sometimes dangerous, things about getting on a western saddle is having to hunt for your right stirrup...