About Us

We strongly believe that all pets are important, whether that be a dog, cat, fish, lizard, rabbit, snake, or something else. But what about horses? As they’re so large and don’t live in the house, many people forget that horses are common pets in many families. 

Due to them being often forgotten about, there tends to be much less information online regarding horses. If you have a question regarding what happens when a dog or a cat is stolen, there are plenty of articles to read from. 

But what happens when a horse is stolen? You’re fresh out of luck. Well, you were before Horse Gazette came along. 

Hi, I'm Catherine McDowl, and the lack of information and topics on horses online spurred me to create Horse Gazette. We’re aiming to cover as many topics as we can concerning horses, so that people like you can learn and read up on as much as you want. 

It’s time that horses were recognized as pets and not forgotten about! Horse keepers need supportive articles too, and we’re hoping to provide just that. So, whatever you need or want to learn about horses, we hope that you’ve come to the right place.