How To Make A Lasso

A cowboy’s lasso is one of his most trusty companions. A cowboy would never want to be caught dead without a trustworthy lasso by his side.

Lassos are perfect for rangling in cattle, or for breaking in a new horse. It allows a cowboy to grab onto objects in the distance, even while in motion. And all it requires is one simple rope!

how to make a lasso

The trouble is, how do you actually go about tieing a lasso? How do you create the perfect lasso shape that can also be tightened remotely,

to capture targets from afar? What kind of rope should you use? And how do you throw a lasso once you have made one? 

These are all questions asked by cowboy enthusiasts and ordinary people alike. Who hasn’t ever wanted to have a go on a lasso, to see what it feels like?

Luckily, our guide below can give you everything you need to make your cowboy fantasies come true right before your eyes. 

Now grab a good length of trusty rope, stretch your fingers, and prepare to follow us, as we’re going to show you exactly how you can make a lasso of your own!

How Do You Tie A Lasso?

Tieing a lasso can be quite difficult. A lasso needs to be durable and strong, to wrap around whatever you target with it, but it also needs to be just loose enough to be able to tighten around your target once you’ve wrangled them. 

There are only a few steps necessary to create the perfect lasso, but they can be quite difficult, so make sure to follow our steps carefully. Without further ado, let’s jump right into step 1.

Step 1 – Get Your Rope

If you want to make a lasso that you can count on in a pinch, then you will need to ensure that you are grabbing a high-quality rope that will stand up to a strong force.

Choose one with strong threading and high-quality materials. You should also make sure that your rope is suitably flexible and adaptable, so that it can easily be tied, and tightened in use. 

Once you’ve chosen your rope, cut it down to around 30 feet in length. This is the perfect length to create the right knotting and to create a lasso that will stand up to the strain. 

Step 2 – Make A Basic Knot

This is quite n easy first step, but it is very much crucial. Take your rope and create a small loop with it. Then, take one end of your rope and pull it through the loop to create a knot. 

Don’t tighten the knot all of the way, as you need it to be loose so that there is some slack, and so that you can tighten it later on.

You will know that you have done this right because the rope will have taken on a slight ‘O’ shape, with the loop at the very center.

Step 3 – Create The Next Loop

Now it may start to become a little more complex, so make sure to take your time. Grab the shortest tail end of your loop and insert it through the ‘O’-shaped loop that you created. Pull it through slightly until it pokes out through the center of the ‘O’. 

By doing this you will have created a second loop that sits directly next to the first loop.

Step 4 – Tighten The First Loop

Now that you’ve pulled the short tail end through the first loop you made, simply tighten up the first loop that you made. This will cause the first loop to tighten around the tail end that you passed through it, which should create a very firm lasso loop.

At this point, your lasso should begin to look very familiar and will look exactly how you imagine a stereotypical lasso to look. 

This type of knot is actually referred to as a ‘Honda Knot’. It is not clear what the origins of the knot are, but it has proven very useful for many centuries!

Step 5 – Create A Slack End

Take a look at the lasso loop you created. Grab the small bit of the rope that you had tightened it around, and then pull it softly.

This will cause the loop of the lasso to become slightly smaller. By doing this, you can adjust the lasso to be a perfect size or shape for whatever you plan to wrangle with it. 

This also gives the rope that tightening function that allows you to pull on the lasso to tighten it around whatever you have grabbed with it. This is perhaps one of the most crucial steps to creating a truly functional and classically styled lasso!

There you have it, your lasso is now complete!

how to make a lasso

How Do You Throw A Lasso

In order to throw your lasso, simply grab the rope just short of the loop and begin to swing it over the top of your head. Eventually, a good amount of momentum will be created. 

In order for the lasso to travel, simply let go of your grip at the last second, when the lasso is swinging forward and it will continue to travel onward. 

Throwing a lasso is nothing like throwing a ball, so it does take some getting used to, but make sure to stick with it! You’ll get there eventually.


Making a lasso isn’t easy, to start with, but with enough discipline and practice, you’ll be rounding up herds of cattle in no time.

All it takes is a few simple knots, but getting those knots exactly right is the tough part. If you’re having trouble with creating your lasso, don’t worry, just be patient and stick with it, because you will definitely get there in the end!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Rodeo Ropes Made Of?

Rodeo Ropes (AKA Lassos) are most commonly made from braided nylon. This is the perfect material for the job as it is very strong but is also very adaptable, so it is strong in use, but also easy to make lassos with.

How Do I Teach My Child To Lasso?

Simply use our guide above, and be sure to guide your child through each step. Be patient with your child, as they will likely make many mistakes, to begin with. 

We recommend that you use a slightly shorter amount of rope to make a child’s lasso.

How Far Can You Throw A Lasso?

Lassos can reach a truly incredible distance to allow cowboys some incredible range when out on the field. An average lasso can usually reach a distance of around 30 feet! Which is seriously incredible.

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